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CEO Racing is a sister company of Collander Enterprise Operations, this company was started by my father in 1962 as a residential construction as Collander Enterprises, this company  has been family owned and operated to this date.

I took over the company in 1999 and brought in CEO Racing and the automotive aspect with my passion for racing and engine building.

Having sold racing fuels over the past 10. years I am familiar with the fuel market.

Being a racer and engine builder I am also familiar with a racers fuel requirements.

My focus will be primarily on VP, as I feel their fuels best cover the entire market with octane and quality requirements.

Other marketing will be at the track with my race car, a 900 horse power 2 stage nitrous small block, and at car shows with my WS6 400 4spd Trans Am.

We will deliver drums and also have distributors set up aruond the metroplex for gallon purchese and nitrous bottle fills

Gary Collander